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Aislin: Sexy Selfie

Release Date: 2019-02-17, Duration: 0 minutes

What is it about models from the Ukraine? Aislin cums to us with a Super Model, lovely face; gorgeous tits; flat abs; killer legs; a perfect ass; and a beautiful, flower-like pussy. In short, this girl is the complete package; she is a "ten." When Aislin decides to get naked and fuck herself, the results are mesmerizing. You are going to love this hot, hot girl. We all fell in love with her on the set. Soft-spoken, seemingly oblivious to how gorgeous she is, and a smart, warm and clever girl. But don't let this blondes' hazel, innocent-looking eyes and soft smile fool you. Sensual Aislin craves orgasms and she loves to fuck when it is the right person. Since she is a fashion model, Aislin is... well, you know the rest!  XOXO, Colette

"Whispering erotically in my ear, Caressing my breasts -- and yanking my hair. You tempted me..." -- poet Erotic Aislin

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