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Carmen: An Afternoon to Remember

Release Date: 2015-12-13, Duration: 12 minutes

On our Caribbean trip some of the models paired off, Mr. X and Carmen were one of these pairs.  It is quite a change from her first scene with Mr. X (we didn't think she even liked him). It turns out Carmen appreciates a little rough play and some light S&M and Mr. X likes the same so they had a lot of fun together. I believe Mr. X will be remembering this tropical afternoon for a long time!

Carmen is truly super-hot and super-naughty and at just 18 years old she is one of the most sexually adventurous girls we've ever met. She truly loves everything sexual.

Watch Mr. X lick and suck on her petite pussy until until she has her first orgasm of the scene. Then she returns the favor with her excellent oral skills.

She rides him and he takes her from behind. As they both get carried away, she asks him and he circles her neck with his hands, this drives her wild.

They finish in missionary with her legs stretched out in a split.

We hope you enjoy this video, it is REAL unscripted passion with two beautiful people!

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