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Carmen: Poolside Striptease

Release Date: 2015-12-13, Duration: 6 minutes

Imagine: lounging by the pool in the evening, when you look over and see stunning 18 year old Carmen swimming in the moonlight.

She emerges from the water, her tight body glistening with water. She comes over to your chair and gives you a close-up look at her perfect pussy and Amazing ass while she slowly dances and strips out of her wet bikini.

Naked, she moves over you and takes your cock in her pretty hand, looking you in the eye and smiling as she does it. She proceeds to put your hard cock into her tiny mouth and gives you a world-rocking blowjob. After you've spent yourself in her mouth, she opens up to show you and swallows it all with a smile and a sparkle in her eye.

While you're still shaking from pleasure on the lounge chair, she kisses you, waves and walks away (affording you another view of her perfect ass). Did it even happen, or was it a dream?

Download and save this X-Art blowjob dream come true!

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