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Gigi R: My Girlfriend is Back

Release Date: 2016-08-24, Duration: 9 minutes

In this HD video, fun and flexible Gigi has a huge smile on her face, even as she's swallowing a gigantic cock... or taking it from below while she does the splits!

Little brunette Gigi loves playing with Mr. X's massive cock in her mouth. She even gets a little carried away at times and touches the back of her throat. Naughty Gigi!

When they start having sex, Gigi shows off just how flexible she is by spreading her legs all the way into the splits while she fucks him. INCREDIBLY HOT!

Mr. X pointed out that Gigi's tiny pussy is "like a light socket". You can actually see it stretching and grabbing hold of his cock as she rides him.

When Mr. X finally has an orgasm, he shoots his cum on Gigi's smiling face.

While some people say that 'cum shots' are sexist, don't tell this to Gigi. During our shoot, she told us, "If I really like the guy I'm having sex with, I think it's totally hot to feel his hot cum spraying all over my face and body! It's a major turn-on!"

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