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Kacy Lane: Lovers' Lane

Release Date: 2016-01-06, Duration: 21 minutes

HD Video: Isn't Kacy Lane irresistible? She is the very definition of joyful sexual temptation for any man or woman. Colette.com fans love her so much that we invited this petite beauty to walk on the romantic side at X-Art in a brand new shoot with Tyler. Talk about fucking hot! I love the affectionate and playful foreplay in the pool -- they really love being together -- as well as the more passionate sex once they moved inside. Way inside! Kacy likes it deep and wet (we are talking about bedroom action now, not the pool!) and ultra orgasmic. With that captivating smile; those brown eyes; and that athletic, tight body, I want to watch Kacy cum again and again on Lovers' Lane. Don't you? XXOO, Colette

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