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Mary Kalisy: Strip and Poke Her

Release Date: 2019-02-24, Duration: 0 minutes

Sublimely beautiful Mary Kalisy makes her debut with X-Art in the best way possible. A petite girl with gorgeous brown eyes and a deliciously well-toned body, Mary Kalisy is one of the most sought after fashion models in eastern Europe and beyond. Her unforgettable face almost makes you overlook her naughty sense of humor and inviting personality. Now, Mary is tipping her toes into beautiful erotica just for you. "I love sex, but no one ever has photographed me while I was seducing and fucking a guy," she says with a laugh. "This is all new, but the shoot turned into a totally orgasmic experience. Just knowing that your subscribers will be watching me is sexy, exciting and a total turn on.  I really, really enjoyed myself, and I think he did too." Yes, we all did! Cum back for an encore please. XOXO, Colette 

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