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Mila K: Fashion Fantasy

Release Date: 2015-12-13, Duration: 12 minutes

HD Video: The incredibly gorgeous Mila K is absolutely thrilling when she gets horny for X-Art subscribers. Those high cheekbones, those gorgeous eyes -- and a flawless body! You will get as turned on as I do. Watch as Mila delightfully teases us and then strips while the fireplace illuminates this Czech beauty’s delightfully naked body. I just love it as she begins to masturbate slowly -- rubbing her perfect labia --- then her clit -- and finally pushing those probing fingers deep inside her tight, wet pussy. The erotic tension almost is too much to bear. Personally, I love the way Mila slowly moves her hips while she is fucking herself. Trust me -- you will feel the heat from this bewitching heart throb!  Want to know a secret? By the time Mila built to a hard orgasm in this shoot, she was not the only one cumming! She will "do you" as well. Watch and see.

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