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Nina North & Kristin Scott: Kristin and Nina Unleashed!

Release Date: 2019-02-09, Duration: 0 minutes

Colette and I are very excited to introduce new X-Art Girl Kristin Scott to you. As it turns out, this slender, beautiful former fashion model is full of surprises. Originally, we were going to shoot her with a guy of her choice. We had barely started and Kristin's love of oral sex was obvious. Watching her lick a long cock up and down the shaft is so hot. Our own Nina North thought so as well! She just happened to be watching the shoot in her bra and panties. Kristin waived her over for The Ultimate Blowjob. Next thing I knew, we had an impromptu threesome. Who was I to say "Stop!" No way. Spontaneous sex is great sex. Soon Nina was eating Kristin's wet pussy while Van was fucking Nina from behind. Miss Scott took her turn and got off as he pulled her leash tighter. Both girls insisted on riding cock as one orgasm followed another. Cum sharing left everyone happy and exhausted. And we had a shoot for you that we never had planned!  XOXO, Colette and Brigham

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