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Reina & Patsy: Girls Night HDV

Release Date: 2015-12-13, Duration: 12 minutes

This mind-blowing 12 minute HD erotic video features a curvy blond named Reina and her best friend Patsy - a horny, cute, slender brunette.

The two girls share several passionate kisses before Patsy forces Reina back on the bed. Her hands wander across Reina's body, eventually finding their way to that wet spot between her legs.

Patsy fucks her gorgeous friend with two fingers, all the while gazing romantically into her eyes.

Finally a large double-headed dildo comes out and the girlfriends take turns on each other - shoving the head & shaft as deep as it will go... making each other cum like crazy!!!

This is one video you will not want to miss. In fact, you'll want to download this video in full HD format and save it in your permanent collection!

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