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Tiffany F: Tuesday Morning

Release Date: 2015-12-13, Duration: 18 minutes

Our new stunning new X-Art model Tiffany is from the United States but was traveling in Europe.

So since we had a shoot going on there anyway, we paired her up with our new contract male star Jake (BTW, he is Silvie's ex-husband).

Well, they REALLY liked each other. Watch this hot affair unfold as he fingers her tight pussy and she takes him in her mouth.

When they can wait no longer, he pushes his large cock into her wetness and they urgently move together until they both come to a crazy climax.

Two really hot people, that are totally smoking together.

Don't miss this awesome video in HD!

P.S. Tiffany says she has to be really loud when she has sex to enjoy it, so she may get a little carried away when she is cumming ;-)

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