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Country: Latvia

Baby is a 18 year old Latvian beauty. Perfect face, perfect body, great personality and speaks 5 languages! She is a DREAM COME TRUE! She met us on the island of Ibiza (off of Spain) for her first sex scene EVER. We were very cautious with her because she was so new to erotica, but turns out she loved it and had the best attitude ever! She is a true natural on and off camera and charms everyone in her presence. I can't say enough about how great she is to work with. We will be shooting more of Baby in a few weeks. A couple fun facts about her: she loves to read and work on her computer, and like me she wears glasses when she does. She also loves animals, cooking and taking photos. An all-around awesome girl!!! If you saw her in person you wouldn't even believe she was real, a true-life barbie (but one with a brain). Eat your hearts out!

Porn Videos with Baby (19)

I Can't Wait 14:18 HD

Kaylee & Baby: I Can't Wait

71,745 views 115 likes 2015-12-21

Grow Up With Me 21:40 HD

Caprice & Baby: Grow Up With Me

364,935 views 560 likes 2015-12-13

Pool Party for Three 13:09 HD

Gianna & Baby: Pool Party for Three

152,314 views 216 likes 2015-12-13

New Romance 17:53 HD

Baby: New Romance

124,867 views 211 likes 2015-12-13

Yeah Baby! 5:23 HD

Baby: Yeah Baby!

56,666 views 81 likes 2015-12-13

Good Morning Baby 15:10 HD

Baby: Good Morning Baby

133,022 views 286 likes 2015-12-13

Names 13:22 HD

Baby: Names

113,179 views 204 likes 2015-12-13

Together at Last 13:10 HD

Kaylee & Baby: Together at Last

68,413 views 86 likes 2015-12-13

Everlasting Friendship 18:48 HD

Baby: Everlasting Friendship

153,780 views 218 likes 2015-12-13

Afternoon Snack 15:40 HD

Baby: Afternoon Snack

112,296 views 187 likes 2015-12-13

Want You 18:45 HD

Baby: Want You

137,414 views 249 likes 2015-12-13

And then they were three 23:36 HD

Susie & Baby: And then they were three

347,711 views 600 likes 2015-12-13

Lipstick Lesbians 11:01 HD

Baby & Mira: Lipstick Lesbians

42,634 views 54 likes 2015-12-13

Sent From Heaven 9:48 HD

Baby: Sent From Heaven

54,174 views 101 likes 2015-12-13

Together Again 12:15 HD

Baby: Together Again

172,687 views 506 likes 2015-12-13

By Myself 10:34 HD

Baby: By Myself

53,716 views 95 likes 2015-12-13

Loving Angels 16:05 HD

Anneli & Baby: Loving Angels

92,462 views 161 likes 2015-12-13

Young Passion 19:34 HD

Baby: Young Passion

103,227 views 172 likes 2015-12-13

A Day to Remember 15:34 HD

Baby: A Day to Remember

97,703 views 185 likes 2015-12-13

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