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Alecia: Peel Me Open

Release Date: 2019-02-14, Duration: 0 minutes

Alecia is a Russian-born model who now is discovering how wonderful sexual freedom can be in America! A blonde, blue-eyed teenager with a face and figure that photographers adore, Alecia appears so happy and innocent with those girl-next-door looks. Well, she is happy. As for innocent... Alecia is determined to show you that she left any sexual inhabitations behind. "I had a blast shooting for X-Art," she told me. "I fantasized that I was teasing and seducing each one of your subscribers personally. As I slowly got naked and started to spread my pussy, I thought of using the kitchen oranges in the shoot because they are wet and juicy. So was I!" With her soft lips, beautiful face and tight teenage ass, Alecia loves to build to orgasms and imagine that you are cumming as well. The crew couldn't get enough. Want more of her? XOXO, Colette

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