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Alexa & Karla Kush: Suds and Sex

Release Date: 2018-11-09, Duration: 0 minutes

Tall and slender Alexa Grace returns to X-Art for her first sexual romp with another girl. And this striking blonde beauty knew what she wanted to do (or who she wanted to do) in her dreams. That would be Karla Kush, her perfect petite blonde counterpoint. Let's just say that when they met on the set, the sexual chemistry was obvious, immediate and orgasmic. What started out as a classic bathtub scene soon developed into real passion. Playful flirtation became sudden orgasms as Alexa and Karla discovered that they couldn't keep their hands or tongues off each other. Soon, they were fucking with such delight that they they were teasing our crew as they continued to cum again and again. Hell, we all wanted to jump in! Trust me, these glamour models don't need suds to keep their pussies wet. XOXO, Colette

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