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Anya: Alone With You

Release Date: 2019-01-24, Duration: 0 minutes

New X-Art Girl Anya Olsen will drive you crazy (in a good way). With her crystal blue eyes and luscious lips, she offers an unforgettable image of female sensuality and explosive erotic sensation. This college coed and part-time model could give anyone quite an education. Anya asked me if she could make love to the camera and that is exactly what she does. Notice how her eyes twinkle and remain firmly fixed on you as she slips out of black lingerie and leather to explore her tight young body. When she spreads her pussy and begins to fuck herself, the result is electric. Want a behind-the-scenes story? The batteries in Anya's vibrator burned out when she applied it to her clit. Too hot to handle? She laughed and said, "I guess that means that I really cum hard!" Cheers, Brigham

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