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Dina & Aislin: Sex In Red

Release Date: 2019-02-20, Duration: 0 minutes

 It is good to mix it up and try new things. This is true. Whether we are talking about great sex or creating beautiful, romantic erotica. So when Blonde Ukrainian beauty Aislin asked to shoot for us, the only question was how to allow her to have the most fun on the set. Brig suggested the "lady in red" theme; Aislin admitted to a Girl Crush on Czech model Dina. Just like you, Aislin had got off on raven-haired Dina's earlier shoots for X-Art.  Even though these two stunning European models had never met...when they did, the sexual anticipation and chemistry was flying. A delighted Aislin and Dina began touching each other with tenderness and then pure unadulterated exploratory lust of youth and beauty took over. Hey guys: take notes: These ultra-desirable girls are bisexual and they know exactly what a woman wants. Watch how they focus intensely on each other and combine teasing playfulness with orgasmic oral sex and fabulous fucking as they make each other cum in various ways. . Aislin and Dina take their time. They would be thrilled if the shoot had gone on for days. So would our crew! This is not a performance; it's the real, jaw-dropping deal.  More to cum? XOXO, Colette

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