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Eliza Jane: Deep In Love

Release Date: 2019-02-04, Duration: 0 minutes

Presenting Eliza Jane in her very first erotic encounter on-camera!

She's an astoundingly cute young blonde from the Midwest. She says that becoming an X-Art Girl is a big step for her.

"My boyfriend tells me that I look like the all-American girl," Eliza confesses. "I decided that if I was going to fuck him and let special people watch and get off, then it had to be a shoot with the very best. And that is X-Art."

What she didn't realize was how cool it would be.

"To be honest, shooting with the X-Art team was my biggest turn-on ever," Eliza Jane added with a big smile. "I think I had more orgasms in one week than ever before. When can we do this again?"

For the record, adorable Eliza Jane also has a wicked sense of humor. "I have decided that, on Kentucky Derby Day this year, I am going to ride cock cowgirl style all day." We love this girl.

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