Jessica: Work It Sex at the Office

Release Date: 2016-01-11, Duration: 19 minutes

If you were at the office, what would you prefer to find on your desk?   A stack of papers and memos?   Or the incredibly beautiful, sexually irresistible Jessica?    The girl with the absolutely flawless body and that unforgettable face shows you how to fuck your boss with style.  In real life, Jessica and Calvin love to fuck whenever and wherever they can.   And they jumped at the chance to recreate the "boss and secretary" sex scene for you -- X-Art style.  Jessica's pussy was wet in anticipation, and I know that her cock sucking skills left everybody on the set gasping.   Jessica clearly loves "working under" Calvin -- and on top as well.  Her orgasms are real and hard, and this couple's passion when his cock entered her from behind and then missionary style on the desk left no doubt what was to cum.   I plan to watch this scene over and over! Want to join me?  XOXO, Colette

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