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Jillian & Anny Aurora: Superhot Sexting

Release Date: 2018-11-23, Duration: 0 minutes

Jillian Janson is in bed and thinking of her boyfriend. She decides to make a sexy selfie of herself on her smart phone and remind the guy of what he is missing. With her stunning blue eyes, full lips and lovely legs, Jillian knows that she can make him ache as she explores her sexuality. Her homemade video shoot gets even hotter when another X-Art Girl -- Anny Aurora of the red hair, sexy figure and gorgeous skin tones - decides to join her friend in a home shoot that may make the phone explode! Nipples become erect, panties soon are optional, and what they create quickly becomes mandatory viewing. Both Jillian and Anny adore licking pussy, and they get turned on big time as they finger and fuck each other. Scissoring and sixty-nine send both of these super models into orgasmic orbit. Wouldn't you love to receive this for your viewing pleasure? Hee hee. XOXO, Colette

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