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Jillian: Jillian's Multiple Orgasms

Release Date: 2018-10-02, Duration: 0 minutes

There is something so breathtakingly beautiful about Jillian Janson. Looking straight at you wearing a bra and white panties, she looks so innocent and yet so alluring. As she gets naked, Jillian exudes a self-confidence and a youthful sexuality that cannot conceal her hotter sensual side. Her eyes sparkle and her smile becomes even more inviting as she gives you a peak look at her gorgeous pussy. What a cock teaser! And when this blonde babe discovers a magical silver gift that I have left for her, you know that Jillian's thoughts are turning to orgasmic pleasure. Can you tell that she loves you to watch as the "Colette Special" separates her full lips and goes deep into her pussy? And that Jillian is hoping you get off with her as she fucks herself? This girl (and this dildo) never fail. Trust me! XOXO, Colette

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