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Katia: A Sexy Slutty Afternoon

Release Date: 2015-12-31, Duration: 23 minutes

HD Video: What would you rather be doing on a weekend afternoon than spending it naked in bed with a beautiful blonde like Katia? And we are calling her a slut all in good fun (because admit it, don't you like when your man calls you a slut or talks a litttle dirty?) Maybe he can try reading a book like Matthew, but it literally only takes Katia (the slutty one, just kidding again of course) two seconds to distract him in the best way possible, simply shifting attention onto her (and the growing member in his pants). Give yourself a weekend break and let these two show you how to make it extra sexy and slutty! Or even try it on Monday. Sluttiness does not need to be reserved for the weekend. Worth the membership for this one! xoxo Colette

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