Kenna & Naomi Woods: Tickle My Pink

Release Date: 2016-01-10, Duration: 17 minutes

Newcomer Naomi Woods rocks with with her long blonde locks and bright blue eyes. Beautiful cutie Kenna James is dressed in pink lingerie, but not for long. As the girls' lips meet in a passionate kiss, they can't help but undress themselves!

Naomi's kiss makes Kenna's pussy crave more love. Kenna climbs atop her sweet friend's face and hovers just above, brushing her pussy back and forth across Naomi's moist lips.

Kenna then gets her girlfriend down on all fours, with her ass pointed towards the sky. This gives her unlimited access to Naomi's gorgeous pussy and ass... she warms her up with one finger, then pushes another finger in. All the way in!

Sit back, relax and enjoy as these two beauties get each other off while you watch!

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