Leah Gotti: Asstastic

Release Date: 2019-02-05, Duration: 0 minutes

Leah likes to have fun in life - and during a shoot. This green-eyed beauty is a cock teaser (first class) when doing a solo nude with any photographer.

In Mexico recently, Leah showed me what she can do with something as simple as a pink shawl and a long string of beads. Her youthful, firm tits are awesome. Leah also has a lovely pussy with full lips, and she loves to spread them wide as she grins and her eyes sparkle.

On her own, Leah decided to finger fuck herself in positions that only a girl with a limber, athletic body can pull off. Then she surprised everybody by fucking herself in the ass and cumming hard. As I said, this girl loves to play! -- Brigham 

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