Lena: Teenage Lust

Release Date: 2019-01-17, Duration: 0 minutes

Maybe it is those innocent, hazel eyes. That lovely teenage face of a girl who has become a woman. Her youthful, acrobatic body. Those full lips that promise so much. Whatever, our 18-year-old Lena is the complete package. When she smiles at you as she starts to get naked, she is effortlessly erotic and beautiful at once. When Lena reveals her gorgeous tits and tight, young ass, you are entranced at the perfect lines of her body. That flat tummy. Those long, long legs that you would love to have wrapped around your waist. Her shaved, wet, young pussy that makes you throb in anticipation. Lena laughs with delight, reaches for her vibrator, gives you That Look, and starts to fuck herself. Pressing against her clit feels so good. The orgasms cum hard and fast. She know you want to take her doggy style.  You do, don't you?  XOXO, Colette 


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