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Misty & Heidi R: Girl Crush

Release Date: 2018-11-25, Duration: 0 minutes

X-Art subscribers always go wild when we shoot a new scene with X-Art Girls Misty and Heidi R. Since this is her first time with another girl, we asked Heidi who would be her dream hook-up. Without hesitation, she admitted to a "girl crush" on Misty. Turns out that Misty has been lusting for her as well. Both are uniquely beautiful in their own way, and each has a stunning body. I love the tenderness between them as the girls slowly get naked together. And when Misty gets between Heidi's legs and begins to lick her sweet spot, all bets are off. Scissoring anyone? Pussy licking and finger fucking took over as our girls started cumming over and over. And yes, knowing that you are watching turns them on even more. XOXO, Colette

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