Misty: Love Her Madly

Release Date: 2018-11-27, Duration: 0 minutes

With her beautiful, exquisite good looks and a super model's perfect body, Misty probably suspects that she could have any man she wanted. But this X-Art fan favorite loves to laugh, to enjoy life, and to take it slow. When it is the right guy, notice how Misty wears sexy black panties and sheer stockings to enhance the sensual mood for the evening. See how she takes her time to suck a cock just right until her lover is about to cum in her mouth. Listen to Misty's delight when a man knows how to tenderly lick pussy. And when a guy enters her, he best know how to fuck slow, fast and hard. Misty loves to have orgasms in several positions and she lives to give pleasure. Who wouldn't love her madly? XOXO, Colette 

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