Miu & Kirra: Best Friends Or Lesbians?

Release Date: 2019-03-28, Duration: 0 minutes

Fan favorite Miu is excited to bring her bestie Kirra to X-Art. These two have a lot in common. Both are successful, stunning, bi-sexual European models. Both are from the Czech Republic; they possess that delicate, classic quality that makes photographers instantly love them. And they are good friends (with benefits) You see, Miu and Kirra really love to make each other cum. When they get naked, they kiss, caress the exquisite, well-toned body of their girlfriend, and find this most entertaining. They giggle, laugh and finger-fuck their way to mutual excitement and happiness. Sound like heaven? Watch with intense pleasure as Miu and Kirra give each other multiple orgasms in this gorgeous erotic display of true super model experimental sex. And the results are explosive. Cum and see. xoxo Love, Colette

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