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Naomi Woods & Jill Kassidy: The Call Girl

Release Date: 2019-01-16, Duration: 0 minutes

New X-Art Girl Jill Kassidy is having a wonderfully sexy time as her boyfriend and she watch our site in their underwear. (I recommend it!) But this knockout brunette has another idea. Why not phone another wonderful X-Art model and invite her over for a viewing party? If it is jaw-dropping, gorgeous Naomi Woods, you can bet that a threesome just is a kiss and a caress away. Soon the girls lose their panties and hot finger-fucking begins. And Van soon discovers that watching lesbian play is great, but a double blow job is even better. As he penetrates not one but two tight young pussies, multiple orgasms by multiple girls becomes the rule. Personally, I absolutely love it when Jill and Naomi offer up their sweet asses and Van fucks them back and forth. Total orgasmic pleasure. Trust me! XOXO, Colette 

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