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Salena Storm: Roller Girl

Release Date: 2019-02-03, Duration: 0 minutes

Just in time for #ThrowbackThursday!

There is something so cool about that 1980's style of erotic photography, shot on 35mm film in funky outfits and tall socks! 

Inspired by those awesome girly mags of yesteryear, we decided to dress-up super-hottie Salena Storm in roller skates and knit bottoms.

I'm pretty sure that if you looked up "irresistibly, adorable and sexy," you would find Salena Storm.

As a photographer, she is an absolute joy to shoot, her every angle is a pleasure to the eye. 

Petite, pretty and dying to be naughty for you... This is Salena.

She is so much fun and such a flirt! The truth is, on and off camera, she loves to play with her sweet pussy - and have sex. Can you tell?

When we handed her a lollipop-esque sex toy, Salena quickly dropped her panties and started playing with her pussy to a blissful orgasm! Enjoy!

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