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Sara Luvv: Infinite Luvv

Release Date: 2016-01-06, Duration: 22 minutes

HD Video: Who wouldn't "luvv" to make love to our newest X-Art model forever? Sara Luvv has the sound -- and the beauty -- of the kind of girl that is perfect for X-Art. Stunning, playful, and a young woman who loves to fuck for your viewing pleasure! Not to mention her partner in this devilishly erotic debut shoot.  Not every fashion model can have real, hard orgasms in her first time before our cameras. Sara can!  She loves every moment -- and Sara is a pleasure on and off the set. Raise your hand (if one is free!) as you watch her do Michael Vegas. Want to see more of her? Hee hee. I hear the voting returns already cumming. XX00, Colette

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